17 March 2012

Mourinho sympathized with Abidal

The Luso announces a support act tomorrow part of his team.
Mou: "You have to wish him a long and happy life."

How could it be otherwise, José Mourinho, coach of Real Madrid, expressed solidarity with the FC Barcelona player Eric Abidal, who will undergo a liver transplant in the next few days.The Portuguese spread his speech in support French footballer in the pre-game that his team will play tomorrow against Málaga.

"We all know we are all together. Our players will show this morning, without words, without public demonstrations. There are no white or azulgrana, no colors but a young man and, most important for everyone, is to have a fantastic life, "he said. For Mou, Abidal is "a fantastic guy. Sportingly has nothing else to do and has done a great career. If you can play again, wonderful and you have to applaud him, and if you can not because it is very serious, just have to wish him a long and happy life. " (via MD)