10 March 2012

Mourinho: "Some people sell an image better than mine, but it's the same as me"

"The game against Betis will be difficult"
"I feel supported by the club and the board"
"I have no complaints from the fans of Real Madrid"

A few minutes before training, José Mourinho has appeared at a news conference. This lasted about 20 minutes long so it has reviewed the current white, referred to his rival this weekend in La Liga, Betis, and has released the odd encrypted message to Barça already Pep Guardiola.

On Saturday, Real Madrid will seek a new triumph, and it will have to overcome Betis by Pepe Mel, "a quality opponent with a well prepared coach the teams and a crowd that is always behind. Betis are a difficult team to win. I think it has sufficient grounds to think it will be a tough game. "

After referring to Andalusian rival, Real Madrid coach was asked if he was wanted by the club and the fans, if he felt one hundred percent backed up. 'Mou' says that "people who work with me and why they are hierarchically superior feel confidence and support. We have a common project, and the fans in relation to me I can not complain about anything. And, if I had to ask something to the fans, which I have no right to ask anything, do not ask anything for myself, but for the team and a player, especially to one who at one time have a bad match, so you can notice a the fans behind. "

We could not miss a reference to statements by Alfons Godall, who was vice president of the Board of FC Barcelona Joan Laporta chaired by on Thursday night. "The statements are interesting, but I have no time to be making reflections on these situations. I stay with the facts and the things that are real and need no interpretation. To interpret and are ye," referring to the press.

Linking with Betis and the dificutad to maintain the high pace that is printing the white squad, Mourinho has highlighted the level of the Liga. "I look at a team that is fourth in the league and win at Old Trafford, it's not for everyone. The team is third puts him four to one ... Dutch, Spanish football is the one with more quality," and Mourinho leads a "high quality car, but the race is demanding."

So far, pretty much all normal, but the most ironic Mourinho and 'dart' has risen to the stage following the question of whether being a leader was that complaints were lower. To which the Luso has replied with: "I complain less because I have paid my complaints. I have been many road games and have spent much money in fines. My image has been transformed into an image that does not correspond with what I am to truth. try to be as quiet as possible. "He added, "within the imperfect I am, already it's time to have some information to let me in the wrong position. What is interesting is that there are people much smarter than me getting a picture sell better than mine, but are the same as I ". Post Guardiola?

However, Mourinho is aware that "when you win as many consecutive games, one day you lose. We'll have to fight hard to remain first in the league. Let's see what happens against Betis, but I feel that the team is stronger in right now, with a good mentality. I think that we will return with three points. " (via MD)