20 March 2012

Milan draw on the courage as a recipe against Barça

The club 'Rossoneri' psychological work already done to meet the match against FC Barcelona.

After the initial hit that led to the draw, Massimiliano Allegri is already working on the psychological to get to the match against FC Barcelona at its best. The message of the club is clear: without fear is possible to move the tie against the defending champions.

Ibrahimovic says he knows what is the way to beat Guardiola. "Without fear they will have more to lose than us," he said yesterday in Swedish Swedish newspaper 'Aftonbladet'. The whole 'Rossoneri' and knows what is to face Barcelona this season and Ibra will be no major differences in relation to the first two games. "We want to win and we have to. At Barcelona we know well in the playoffs and now we find him again. There will be two tough games, but for me there is no difference with the above. "

The AC Milan managing director Adriano Galliani also expressed in the same direction at a meeting yesterday with the 'typhoid' in the official twitter account of Milan: "Overcoming the Barcelona is our goal. We need not fear. "Galliani believes the whole Rossoneri come to the party in a great time, with pieces as important as Gattuso, back to point. Galliani is especially pleased with the contribution of Ibrahimovic, who looks better than ever. "I think is the best season even though Ibra always been a great and I still regret not having signed in 2006."

In this sense, no hesitation in pointing to the signing of Swedish striker as one of the operations which are more satisfied with his career. "My best signing as a leader? I have four: Van Basten, Shevchenko, Kaká and Ibrahimovic. "The leader did not want to get wet between Messi and Cristiano, "I'll take both," he said.

The example of Gattuso

Gattuso's return has become one of the best news in key 'Rossoneri'. Galliani made ​​the Italian media yesterday as an example of improvement for the rest of the squad and was enthusiastic about his return. "It was great to see a Gattuso in the field, is the result of his determination," he said. Allegri you will gradually giving minute and clothing recovered a vital piece. (via SPORT)