09 March 2012

A Messi will get compliments ...Even the White House!

The great performance of Leo Messi against Bayer Leverkusen has provoked reactions worldwide, not just in sports.

Five goals not mark a player each day. Not in the knockout stages of the Champions. It is therefore normal that this Thursday the name of Leo Messi has been the talk of many people throughout the world.

And there have been cases especially curious. One is, without doubt, the State Department spokesman in the United States. His name is Mike Hammer and his mother lives in Madrid. Therefore, on Thursday gave a press conference at the White House in Spanish for the many correspondents in Spain and Latin America that follow the information in Wasingthon.

At one point during the press conference, as reported by the correspondent of TVE in the U.S., Lorenzo Milá, Hammer acknowledged that "I am from Real Madrid, but I congratulate Messi". (via SPORT)