08 March 2012

Messi: "It is nice to convert five goals"

Leo Messi spoke after the game against Bayer Leverkusen and said that "it is nice to convert five goals."

Leo Messi wanted to gloss over that achieved the feat on Wednesday at the Camp Nou, scoring five goals in one match: "The other thing is over, it is nice to convert five goals."

The Argentine player said team ranking: "The important thing is to be won.'s What we wanted, we are in the quarter and we did it with an advantage".

"I do not remember when he had five goals marked again, very happy," he added when asked if at lower levels remember when was the last time they scored five in a game.

On the league competition Messi spoke of the difficulty of getting the trophy of regularity: "La Liga is complicated as we said, we are trying to win what is left."

"We have the cup final awaits us," recalled Messi after the match against Bayer Leverkusen.

After passing the quarter, Messi showed no preference for a rival: "Touch the touch that is hard, if they are here is because they are the ones who got complicated. (via SPORT)