18 March 2012

Messi: "If it were me up I would stay at Barcelona the rest of my career"

Messi reiterates that he wants to stay at Barça, Guardiola praises again and thanked his fellow players praise after the five goals.
"I am grateful and I am very happy that my colleagues send me those words of support," he assured.

The Argentine forward Of Barça Leo Messi, he told Sky Sports he wants to stay "forever" in the azulgrana side, where he would end his career. The Argentine has reaffirmed that Pep Guardiola is "the best coach in the world" because it makes the Barça players see every game "as a final."

"The truth is that my idea has always been to stay in Barcelona and spend the rest of my career here. As I always say, you never know what can happen in the future, but for me if I would stay at Barcelona rest of my career, "said Messi.

Messi stands to Barça today. "I have not seen the other big teams that have existed throughout history, mainly because of my age. From what I've seen I think is the best, but I can not really compare because I do not know enough about the other "he assured.

On 10 azulgrana believes that "the arrival of Guardiola has made the plays in this way. When it was above me play near the goal, to score more goals than to his arrival, he did not so regularly ". "It made us better prepare for the games, making every game look like it's a final. Prepare thoroughly parties and everything he does shows that it is the best coach in the world," he added.

Messi also spoke of the admiration received after the five goals to Bayer Leverkusen (7-1). Among the praise was showered the Argentine highlights of Manchester United player Wayne Rooney, who wrote in his account of the social network Twitter: "Messi is a joke, for me the best ever." "It was amazing that Rooney would say those things about me. I am grateful and I am very happy that my colleagues send me those words of support, especially when players from the class of Rooney" has ruled. (via MD)