23 March 2012

Messi: "I always wanted to return to Barça gave me everything"

Hours after beat the record of César at Barça, Messi showed his joy by a brand that even he dreamed of achieving it.

"I am calm, as usual," Messi told the newspaper Olé few hours after getting his umpteenth hat-trick with the Barça shirt and, incidentally, spray the record scorer in competitive games for FC Barcelona, until last Tuesday owned by the legendary César Rodríguez. Leo could not hide his joy at something I could not even imagine years ago: "Truth? I am very happy. It never dreamed of being the top scorer in the history of Barça. "

With only 24 years, Rosario has entered through the front door at the mythology Blaugrana. A goal which came after many years at the club. "I always wanted to return to Barcelona all you gave me. We are proud to be part of the club's history, "said Messi, who does not forget all those who play by his side when assessing his great record:" I would not have achieved this without the help of my colleagues "

234 official goals are not small feat. Goals of all invoices, some heavier than others but all are important to Leo: "My best goal? I do not know ... Just finished the game, the first thing I did in Barcelona, ​​as the last, as many others, are all important to me. "

"I'm glad that in my country are happy for me," he said Messi when he was informed of the joy of Argentine fans for his latest record goalscorer. And Leo knows that not be the last to give joy to those who trust in him. (via SPORT)