12 March 2012

Messi comes close to 'wigs'

A new record double and closer: thanks to two goals scored in a 2-0 Barcelona victory over Racing Santander, Lionel Messi took another giant step towards the consolidation as top scorer in the history of Barcelona.

The Argentine star and scored 16 goals in his last six official and confirmed a huge fitness over recent weeks. Thus, harvest and 230 goals in Barcelona and is located only five goals of César, so far leading scorer in club history.

The difference is that Messi reached its current figure at only 24 years, 312 games and eight seasons at the club, while Leon did at 35 years, 348 games and 13 seasons at Barcelona.

Thanks to his double in Santander, Messi dream ended one week since last Wednesday scored five goals in a 7-1 win against Bayer Leverkusen and became the only player to achieve such a feat since the Champions League changed format in 1992.

Messi's first goal in the victory against Racing came on 29 minutes when he received a good attendance of Cesc Fábregas in the area and defined with the goal almost empty. In the second half, former Arsenal player was fouled inside the penalty area and the 'Flea' converted a penalty with a cross shot.

Messi thus reached 30 goals in the Spanish league, two behind the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, who also scored a brace in the victory of Real Madrid's 3-2 win over Real Betis.

The Rosario star on Sunday wrote a new chapter in his love affair with goals from Barcelona. It reached 50 goals this season official and last but not least, is only three goals to achieve their best record in the same course, even when there are almost three months of competition. (via SPORT)