14 March 2012

Messi can reach 71 goals!

The greatness of the squad is that, it makes it to this colossal figure, it is not surprising that in the next season is over again.

Since violence erupted in the history of world football, anyone who has dared to compare with Leo Messi has lost the battle without the Argentine inmutara. So far, all I had a sense was compared with itself, but even in that paragraph the Rosario is still beating.

Since the arrival of Pep Guardiola on the bench, Leo has been improving exponentially records this season and is poised to spray all your records. In fact, by projecting to the games and will still remain at Barça, Rosario would be able to reach the amazing figure of 71 goals in all competitions. And that the 53 it won in the last year and seemed insurmountable. However, Messi has spent his entire career tiring for him to show that there are no impossible challenges.

In his debut season, the 2004/05, just scored a goal (the May 1, 2005 against Albacete at the Nou Camp). In the next made ​​eight 'targets' in the 2006/07 had 17 and the last of Frank Rijkaard in the dugout, hobbled by injuries, remained in a least 16.

Since the Santpedor, Messi more than doubled its previous records and went to 38, who became 47 in the season 2009/10 and reached 53 in the past year. Happened last summer speculation about the enormous difficulty that involve improving this record.

However, Argentina still it must still play at least 15 games (12 league, two Champions and one of the Copa del Rey) that could be up to 18 if Barca play the final at the Allianz Arena in Munich. To date, Leo has scored 50 goals and all 43 games he has played, including a 'repóker', a 'poker', five hat-tricks' and eight 'doublets', ie an average of 1, 17 each time it pulls on his boots. If the squad continues to maintain such records directors, should make another 17 points if the Barça falls in quarterfinals in the Champions League and go to 21 if the team manages to reach the final.

Furthermore, it should be noted that currently passes through one of the sweetest moments in front of goal in his life, with 13 goals in their last five games and seven in his last two appearances.

Although only 14 days have elapsed, this March and would be the fifth striker Messi with the Blaugrana shirt. So far their best months are March 2010 and January 2011, both with ten. They are followed in November 2010 with nine and September 2011 with eight. Therefore, the crack barcelonista has four games before it to try to overcome these ten goals, three League (in the strongholds of Sevilla and Mallorca at the Camp Nou against Granada) and the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League, in stage and date will be defined in the draw on Friday.

Looking at the distribution of goals, called attention to its great regularity, because with the exception of three that struck in December, has always at least five. In the first season with Pep, the Rosario came to the five goals in three months, the second did it in six, in the last five and the current is already seven months with at least five goals ... and that April and May that are coming. (via SPORT)