22 March 2012

Messi and Jordan: When God gets dressed of short

"Yes, you can compare to Jordan." Guardiola did not hesitate to put Leo up to Air Jordan and the numbers and feel seconded the coach.

On Saturday April 19, 1986 Michael Jordan warned Danny Ange, then escort in Boston, who put in 24 hours upside down the Boston Garden. According to the official, MJ left this gem: "I'm going to get 50 points and we win." But apparently, good old Michael went further and gave a pearl's own playground, "I gonna kick ass Some" (which is to say kicking a very particular body part).

The event, which pitted the second Bulls and Boston in the opening round of the playoffs, was an ode to the sport with two extensions, an overwhelming performance by Bird and a guy who seemed closer to heaven in each basket. He was known as Air Jordan and scored 63 points. Bird left the meeting after one of those phrases that linger in the mind after consulting the numbers of Michael. "I think today was God disguised as Michael Jordan."

The King of air has always had a spring in adversity to overcome. To the extent that he left the NBA 'temporarily' to fulfill the dream of his father and proved in baseball. "My attitude is such that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness and convert it into a fortress," he said. That same attitude was that led him back to make history in the sixth game of the NBA playoff 1998 in Utah. Then Malone stole the ball with 18 seconds left acted as 'killer' when no one wanted the ball. He crossed the field, threw down his hand with a feint and gave the NBA its own. God again disguising basketball player. That was Jordan. When he retired for the first time the Bulls made ​​him a statue that read: "The best there ever was. The best there ever will be. "(The best there was. The best one will be). Then come back to win three more rings. 'The key to victory "" I've failed over and over again in my life, so I've achieved success, "he says.

The domain that Jordan exercised on a basketball court is still unique (or Kobe or Lebron have achieved similar sensations) and costs to find similar cases in other sports. Guardiola on Tuesday opened a new door. "Can you compare Messi and Michael Jordan?" He asked. Pep backed off first ("Yes and I'm Phil Jackson") but ended up delving into the subject: "Jordan dominated basketball and football dominates Messi. There are very few who speak with such proficiency in their sports. Yes, you can compare perfectly. It is the best in every way. It can do everything and every three days. "

The words of the technician, still hot, it was kind of a stunned after the umpteenth showing of Leo. This time at the Granada. This time to become the best scorer in the history of Barcelona. The 'fever Messi' has even the land of Jordan and a few hours after Leo merendase to Granada, on American television remembered him in a barrel of Jamaal Tinsley basis against Oklahoma. "I could have signed Messi", threw one of the commentators.

Surely the best thing you can say is that the comparison does not detract or Jordan or Leo. Both have different personalities (Michael never hid a superlative ego) but moves them a passion for his profession insuitada. "Basketball means everything to me, is my refuge, my peace," says Jordan. The 'Pulga' no known other hobbies beyond the ball, although like Maradona seems to have certain licenses beyond (also perpetrated the hand of God). As Jordan is a type sport become insatiable and often somewhat inexplicable. Ground of the divine. Facebook already exists in a group that is the matter with humor: "You know what the only difference between God and Messi? There is no God. " (via SPORT)