22 March 2012

The Madrid press admits that the arbitration hurt to Barça

Andujar Mark Oliver stated in the referee's only mistake was not to award a penalty on Alexis.
In the analysis of As the web is specified that Barça suffered two penalties not mentioned by one of Granada.

Juan Andújar Oliver, former collegiate Almería analyzing arbitration in the sports daily Marca said that Jose Antonio Teixeira Vitienes only had an error during the Barça-Granada erred in not whistling the clear penalty by Borja to Alexis. Contrary to the opinion of the chairman of Granada, Quique Pina, who said the 3-2 Messi was offside and a penalty from Valdes was in Andújar count was the only hurt Barça. "He succeeded in enacting death penalty at the entrance of Alves on Benitez was also certain to lead to valid Messi's second goal, which came in a legal position, just as certain that at no point to any type of infringement in the action of Valdés on Abel Gómez and, finally, also hit by the whistle clear hands within the area of ​​Dani Alves, "writes Marca.

In the newspaper AS, a web analysis of the performance of referee Cantabrian Teixeira states that "was right to point out two penalties committed by Dani Alves and that cost him expulsion and was right to give effect to the 3-2, because Messi was not offside. "And he criticized for "not clear whistle two penalties in the area of ​​Granada (Borja lack of Alexis and the hands of Mainz) and one at the Barça (the alleged lack of Valdés to Borja).

On the penalty that made ​​him even Tello there is no mention in either Marca nor As, but no right to play by play, in the opinion of the two Madrid sports daily the only injured on Tuesday at the Camp Nou was the Barça. (via MD)