28 March 2012

Llorente, "Guardiola is right about Bielsa"

The Athletic Bilbao forward Fernando Llorente, ruled in favor of Pep Guardiola when considering his coach, Marcelo Bielsa, as "the best".

The Athletic Bilbao striker Fernando Llorente, acknowledged in the daily 'Olé' evolution Argentine team that the game is experiencing since Marcelo Bielsa landed in San Mamés.

Llorente, held that "the fans are living dramatic moments" and acknowledged that "what is striking is how well the team is playing." "Not only is winning and getting things, but team play is surprising everyone," he added.

The '9' Athletic described as "wonderful" to have succeeded in eliminating Manchester United in the Champions League, and explained that "people in Bilbao is revolutionized, not only here, in Spain and around the world are living beautiful moments ".

But the biggest culprit of the sweetest moment living lions is no other than Marcelo Bielsa, who recently was praised by Pep Guardiola, who did not hesitate to describe the Argentine as the best in the world.

"Guardiola is right in what he says. Marcelo radically changes what you thought of football. You learn a lot from him. It is amazing to see the change that paste from one year to another. It took less than a year together and the growth of the team is brutal "Llorente acknowledged.

The Navarre striker also explained that Bielsa "is a good person and shows his affection. You're seeing the human side: he is very happy in Bilbao", and recognize that there is a before and after Bielsa, Athletic: "It was a radical change since he arrived. "

Llorente, who described the future Cup final against Barça as "a great match," said the Basque team already has "the experience of the game in San Mamés" and "against Barça is never easy." The 'Lion King' also considered that "the end is very very complicated," but encouraged his fans by announcing that "this year we can do that." "We're showing grounds to believe that we can be champions," he added.

The '9' Athletic did not hesitate to consider that can play him as an equal both Barça and Real Madrid. "We realize that, to a party, we can beat anybody. Not easy to play against us: we do it at a pace and brutal intensity. Few teams are accustomed to. And that's one of our primary constituents," he said. (via SPORT)