21 March 2012

[Liga BBVA; Week29] FC Barcelona 5 - 3 Granada CF

The Argentine contradicts Guardiola and Barça gets in contention for la Liga. An assist and got a hat-trick of over César. The Granada reached tie. Two penalties from Alves.

Guardiola pessimistic words have been censored in any other club and had depressed players of different stuff. But Barça of this new era, carved at will, accept diversity of views democratically, especially who has won trophies based and allows for the reply. Proof of this is that these players are better challenge to reach the unreachable. As much as the teacher says. Although he advises against logic. And although they sometimes suffer more than necessary or not penalties should piten. A team that has already made ​​history, no matter what happens, yet to reach by appealing to the heroic title to become immortal. Against Granada wrote the first chapter. He knows that sometimes the game is forgotten and the Iniesta goal to Chelsea or leagues of Tenerife always remember.

That is the challenge. Messi and company have been proposed, for once, not to agree with your guide and will fight this league until the mathematics say enough or until the Madrid unlikely to faint. Against Granada would prove immediately. Hence, rolled out and did not need to show more accurate night to put away five points in the table. There is still a gap. There is still a league. Shook with the header from Mainz in the nth cluelessness Piqué and, above all, to draw a penalty committed by Siqueira Alves on the edge of the area. The first of what he said. But reacted with caste. To get used to what lies ahead.

The game was developed in his start as everyone anticipated. Barça sent if desired and struggled out only by a lack of concentration Alves. It was just a mirage. The first team play Barça's first goal came. Cuenca, relegated to the stands in Sevilla, left behind his two effortlessly to bring a measured center to the area. There, at the far post, waiting Messi licking. His posture and hungry look tricked us as an act of fellowship exquisite headed the penalty spot to Xavi, volley, grind them.

This was only the letter of Leo. Minutes later, Argentina was able to score a second. He collected a pass in front and brushed a shoe that almost hurts to Julius César. Granada goalkeeper bit the 'Pulga' with its stretched. And we all know: with Messi angry, insurance goals ahead. The 2-0 came six minutes later. Basin was again the source. This time up cycling. Its center, again poisoned, was topped by Messi with the precision of a surgeon. Its stuck to the bottom remato entered and served to equate myth with another 232 goals FC Barcelona, the ex ​​Granada César.

The match seemed to be terminated. No one had the complacency of Barcelona, ​​which became entangled in touch without depth, nor the faith of a Granada playing better than many think. The set of Abel, exemplary in their struggle and didactic in its deployment, entered the strips with a side missing, classy dumped by Martins and topped with a genius for Mainz. Piqué looked again. Few believed in miracles. Except Benitez. The end picked up a ball in the area shortly after crossed the lane and to achieve the opposite. Alves challenging all the way. The Brazilian, tired of chasing him, not stopped or slowed saw his prey. Him down and forced a penalty which did not miss Siqueira. The Madrid away.

He played to start over and roll up. Guardiola moved the bench. With Iniesta and Tello to remove anything could get worse. Barça awoke to remember that a trip was final and overpowered the Granada to mobility that should never have left. Messi made ​​it three with a master to control with a touch pass to Alves hole and beat the goalkeeper with another above Granada. A work of art no longer surprised by indigestion.

Tello increased the distance thanks to its electric arrivals from behind. What a great player with more future than past. His shot after a rebound, he avoided any mishap. The meeting was closed. Or so we thought. Until Messi took another brilliant service Alves dribble into space to be Julius César and other ball home. In the end, Alves returned to commit a penalty before it could be said Valdés. Dani saw the red and Siqueira bitter did the double of his career. He and everyone knew at that time had already warned that Messi Guardiola and Madrid this league still has some scares. (via AS)

[Match Stats]
Barcelona: Víctor Valdés; Alves, Piqué, Puyol, Adriano (Mascherano, m.46); Keita, Xavi, Thiago (Iniesta, m.72); Cuenca, Alexis (Tello, m.72) and Messi.

Granada: Julio César; Cortés, Mainz, Borja Gómez, Siqueira; Jara (Uche, m.46), Moisés Hurtado (Abel Gómez, m.70), Mikel Rico, Dani Benítez; Martins; and Ighalo (Geijo, m.78).

Goal: 1-0, m.4: Xavi. 2-0, m.17: Messi. 2-1, m.55: Mainz. 2-2, m.62: Siqueira, a penalty. 3-2, m.67: Messi. 4-2, m.82: Tello. 5-2, m.86: Messi. 5-3, m. 89: Siqueira, a penalty.

Referee: José Antonio Teixeira Vitienes (Committee Cantabria). He showed yellow card to Ighalo (M8), Dani Benítez (m.34), Keita (m.48), Cortes (m.59), Alves (m.61), Moises Hurtado (m.63), Borja (m.65), Mascherano (m.88), Geijo (m.90 +1) and Abel Gómez (m.90 +3). He drove for two bookings Dani Alves in the 88th minute.

Subs: 62,461 spectators attended the match in game for the twenty-ninth day of First Division. They observed a minute of silence in memory of Estanislao Basora, a component of the Barcelona front of the five cups. Before the meeting, staff Barça roller hockey, winning the Copa del Rey and football pitch, brand new winner of the Cup of Spain, the securities offered to the spectators at the Camp Nou.