19 March 2012

¡La Liga está viva!

Málaga equalized in the Bernabéu and Madrid gives two points to Barça.
The set of Guardiola faces the final stretch of campaigning in his prime.
The key pieces of equipment are close to their optimal level of play.
The costumes feel unqualified to win all remaining games.
Pamplona was a turning point: seven consecutive wins since.

When almost no one expected, Malaga started thanks to a goal by Cazorla lack of a tie at the Bernabéu, finally, returns to la Liga some of the emotion that Barça had been taken away with their mistakes. He was about to happen in previous weeks, but the hand black (or white, depending on your point of view) of the arbitration which is handling the competition prevented. Now there are eight points. difficult but not impossible. Especially with a clásico left in the Camp Nou.

Málaga had to be Pellegrini, Mourinho's predecessor, so badly treated by the Real Madrid and the Portuguese coach himself, that his former team restase a small amount of points which has been mustering. It has done so when Barça has outgrown its most precarious and approaching his best.

The barcelonista group caught on a great first half in Sevilla, with a star Messi and the quick movement makes soccer ball Barça unique in the world. He was the seventh straight game win, after the painful defeat of Pamplona. The party of the Reyno de Navarra, in which Barça was ten points behind Madrid, has come to be a turning point since the azulgrana side has won all five league games (two of them as demanding as the Calderón visits the Sánchez Pizjuán) and two in the knockout round of Champions League against Bayer Leverkusen.

And the challenge of barcelonista staff is to continue the streak. Pep Guardiola, his coaching staff and players think they can win it all to end in La Liga, so that at least Barça force the Madrid going to stop and not neglected in the league to focus on the Champions League, where he has had the fat in the quarterfinals but may still have to face a more demanding bone in the semifinals. Barça which invites yield curve progression in a positive sense, is the strength to go further in what is missing and end the year without losing a single game against Madrid.

With two months left in which Barça will play a minimum of fourteen matches and a maximum of seventeen, the key pieces of barcelonista are all approaching their optimum level and Guardiola may have a wider and better balanced workforce than any other time of the season. There are league for awhile and this boat competirla promises to end. (via MD)