10 March 2012

Kolarov: Alternative more stout to the left

Assuming that Jordi Alba is well seen, there are several alternatives. One is Aleksandar Kolarov, also left side of attack-minded, but bigger.

The Serbian international is one of the players that sounded to become a member of the new era Mourinho in Madrid. Finally landed in the City for 20 million euros and signed until 2015. With a price that now would be about 15 'kilos', noted for its projection offensive.

Physically important for full-back and even inside-half, has great quality and a superb driving the ball in the race. Fast and powerful in their gains, is a dagger by his side handed.

It has a precise and strong center, and a good shot from far too pieces. Also do not usually have defensive problems with its physical waste and speed. (via MD)