07 March 2012

Kiessling: "I'll tell Messi bring me a shirt"

Bayer Leverkusen forward Stefan Kiessling joked before the game called Leo Messi to ask him to give away a T-shirt and prevent possible discussion.

During the first leg in Germany Michal Kadlec and Manuel Friedrich got into an angry discussion of changing path to keep the shirt that Messi had exchanged with one of them. In the image presented by his players, Bayer decided to organize a charity auction with elastic "10" azulgrana, which was finished raising 11,000 euros.

"I think I'll call and ask him to bring me one," joked Kiessling at the press conference before the match against Barça at the Camp Nou, removing iron case.

A duel in which Bayer Leverkusen hopes to extend his good time league: "Dreaming is free, is evident. Will be difficult, a very difficult game. Not win and make a good game is not bad. But talking about big dreams before is not right thing, "said the forward.

Without wasting any time in the realistic possibilities of his team in this round, Kiessling said it is aware of the superiority of the template of its rival. "We have seen what players we face. We have to learn a lot of turnovers. That if we lose a ball, we have to go back and fight it," he said. "And above all, seize opportunities," he said. (via SPORT)