11 March 2012

Keita dialogued with Pep while Premier presses

The midfielder has claimed a little more time and will not be until April when they decide whether to continue or prefer a new adventure.

Seydou Keita is a man of his word. Before leaving for Africa Cup dispute was pending warned that a face to face with Pep Guardiola to have all the necessary facts before deciding his future. And the Malian fulfilled. African midfielder Barça coach had a meeting a couple of weeks.

From the environment of Keita ensures that the player still does not make a decision. Moreover, following the example set by the coach, Seydou has requested a little more time. For now, just want to focus on sports issues. The League is still alive despite the distance with Real Madrid as the team remains intact hopes Copa and Champions.

The vice president and head of the sports plot, Josep Maria Bartomeu, is also aware of all movements. The manager met with the advisors of Malian and both were located until mid-April to resume contacts. But not everyone is limited to see over time. The high performance and extreme professionalism Keita have not gone unnoticed at various clubs with enough economic potential to entice the midfielder. The attempts of Milan are public and notorious for months, but the list grows steadily prentendientes.

Premier League has come into play. Emissaries on behalf of the City, Man United and Liverpool have knocked on the doors of the representatives of the player, but so far have received the same answer: not the time to negotiate. Keita has given the slogan of waiting a few weeks. He wants to talk to Barça and his family. Then if you decide to leave, will be the turn of others. And meanwhile, the automatic renewal feature of the games is becoming closer to consummation. (via SPORT)