13 March 2012

Kahn: "Messi is a genius like Pelé or Maradona"

Oliver Kahn did not hesitate to crack Argentine elevate the height of two legends like Pelé or Maradona.

Oliver Kahn was interviewed on the FIFA website for everything surrounding the world of football today and wasted no opportunity to refer to Messi and Spanish football.

Oliver Kahn, Bayern Munich symbol, Teutonic kept goal for 14 years and reviewed the current Germanic football but had time to put Messi on the podium in the history of football with his club, FC Barcelona.

"No doubt that Messi is a genius, as were Maradona or Pelé. Plus, play the best club in the world. Success and the titles are there. Therefore, it has been voted player of the world is more than the logical consequence of his career, "he said.

The ex goalkeeper also calibrated the options of Germany in the next European Championship and was asked by the European champions and world title, Spain, which praised his "hunger" to follow the crest of the wave.

"The Spanish players continued their steady progression. It is said that the cycle will end some day, that are saturated with success. But they have assumed the challenge itself to stay one step further. Quarry work in Spain also continues to make progress" said.

Finally, Kahn ruled out taking any position within the club he loves, Bayern Munich, to continue to maintain a safe distance with the world of football. "Right now, due to the large number of activities in which I'm involved, I have no intention of returning to football. There are other things and challenges beyond the sport, although I very closely now my computer of course, "he said. (via SPORT)