16 March 2012

A judge accepted the lawsuit against Pepe for his stamp on Messi

A judge in Barcelona has accepted the civil suit that partner Barça Stefan Froreich presented against Real Madrid player Pepe for his stomp to azulgrana Lionel Messi. Froreich himself has admitted to 'Com Ràdio' "the complaint has been formally admitted by the judge of Barcelona. Being an action committed in Madrid, now have to move to Madrid, where the judge will decide whether to accept or files ".

The German explained that "I believe in justice, so I dedicate my time to the case." Froreich added that "in relation to the possible occurrence of impunity because it is considered that the injury involved in this case occurred during a sporting event, we note that this does not exempt from criminal liability when the facts object complaints occur outside of the playing time (as was the cas) and when also concur in the aggression intention. " (via MD)