09 March 2012

Jordi Alba, signing tied

The full-back of Valencia is close to becoming the first signing for next season.

Jordi Alba has many numbers to become the first signing of Barcelona for the season 2012/13. The club azulgrana has a very advanced agreement with the player but has not yet sat down to negotiate with Valencia.

The scenario now is: Alba negotiates a better contract with the club 'che', but the agreement will include a 'Mata Clause' that would facilitate his move to azulgrana key. This formula is an improvement of the contract of the player, yet able to leave the club for a lesser amount to which the clause would stipulate if the ultimate Jugad.

This happened in the case of Mata what signed a new contract with the Valencian before transfer to Chelsea what Alba and presumably occur. The Barcelona and is aware of a formula that favors everyone, once the decision is to return to Barcelona Alba.

For Valencia is a kind of alibi to his liking, for a glimpse of the interest in retaining the footballer (offers improved contract and equates its tab to the major players of the workforce). For the Barcelona accounts for less hours of negotiations, because the player already has a special escape clause more or less concrete than the club azulgrana would be willing to assume.

Barcelona are ready to make an effort by the player, but not get out of logical parameters according to the austerity policy that leads Sandro Rosell. The player has made ​​it clear to club azulgrana interest in returning and being an important piece of 'Pep Team'. The player is very pleasing to the technical staff. Firstly because he knows the house and a particularly demanding for the sides. Alba has the characteristics of both offensive full-back like Guardiola. It is a round footballer. A threat in attack and a player behind solvent. His ability to change the pace of games is much appreciated by those skilled in the Barcelona, which always include the unique characteristics of a player like Dani Alves.

Alba has a similar profile in a coveted position in the market especially the left back. It also greatly values ​​his character (he is a player group of those who both like Pep) and the selection is always seen in the group of the azulgranas. (via SPORT)