14 March 2012

Jordi Alba, in the footsteps of Cesc and Piqué

At 22 years, Jordi Alba has earned the respect of the profession thanks to a steady career and, above all, fair.

Jordi Alba had a very bad when he left, asked out of Barça. It was the end of the 2004-2005 season. He had just your stage of cadet and Florida, a suburb of L'Hospitalet, saw his Blaugrana adventure came to an end. It happens every year and every year is just as hard for those who live in person. In his case it was for him and those around him, not just their parents but also their peers, technical and, ultimately, everyone who had shared time with him.

Jordi Alba was a little boy in stature and big in heart ... and talent. Loved and was loved by all. But in football this little matter of feelings. In his case, however, told something. After several years in the grassroots, which came as benjamin freshman even though from the beginning played next to fry, it was time to be a cadet. Began a key stage in its formation and, after a year in the cadete B, should go to A. In Barça has always been extreme, but sometimes it did indoors. But still did not grow enough. Only his great quality, innate talent and aggressiveness with which he faced opponents who drew two feet ("it was the shit, in the good sense, with everyone no matter their age or height was very competitive, "says a technician at the time) was allowed to continue in the cadete B being cadet last year. No other squad that has been there. Nobody remembers the grassroots otherwise equal. If vouchers for A with A, to the street. The Florida got a second chance and at the end stage cadet, someone thought they did not deserve a third. To say now that would be both unjust wrong to think that he did not.

The only indisputable is that Jordi Alba wins at Valencia, one of the best teams in Europe. It had to take a step back that it was not. He went to Cornellà two seasons. It was thanks to Horacio Gaggioli, who has always had a great relationship with the club Baix Llobregat and its president, José Gálvez. There, dressed in green, the youth returned to win the respect of peers with his football and personality. Little by little, he forgot the blow meant not continue wearing Blaugrana. It also helped that Álex García then coach of the lower de Catalunya, on telling him, allowing him to maintain contact with his former teammates.

His two seasons in the Railway will again open the doors of a club first. He was sentenced to it. Valencia came, which was great news for the Cornella and the player. Joseph Tárrrega, replacing Gaggioli as your representative, came one day to the club Baix Llobregat as well as intermediary Valencia to take Jordi Alba. It was a tough negotiation and club president had a hard time recognizing that at some point because it was believed that the negotiations broke down: "They pressed a lot, but what I wanted was not money, since it only came to pay 6,000 euros for their transfer. I suffered with the player because we wanted a good contract for him to not come overnight at the Mestalla. "Only the player's father, Miguel, knew of the negotiations; Jordi was outside. They would not distract him. Finally, all ended well. For both the player and the Cornellà, who saw the projection of the player. The contract included € 150,000 would be made effective when Alba tab lograse professional first team debut € 6,000 more for the under-21 and another 12,000 to do so with the absolute. This also stores a percentage of a possible operation. A total of 168,000 euros have already been through the club box José Gálvez, who say that it costs "to the new field will have to put San Jordi Alba."

The Cornellà it owes a lot to football, but the player knows that Cornellà was also the key to succeeding in the Valencia had just. The circle can be closed by returning to Barcelona, where he had to leave to grow as a player and in height. Not much, since Alba reaches 170 centimeters, a size ideal for playing on a computer that precisely characterized by using his head slightly in the literal sense of the word. Jordi Alba, while waiting for the moment is happy and who around you. (via SPORT)