03 March 2012

Javier Mascherano like in the Italian league

Javier Mascherano is a man so reserved that right and no one knows if his desire is to recover sports a place in midfield in their natural position, ahead of the defense, nearest where still playing for Argentina.

With that hook Milan wants to catch him, one of the most Italian clubs are becoming interested in him. The squad led by Ibrahimovic seen as a serious physical decline of more than Gattuso and the possible departure of Van Bommel in June, two players of similar profile to that of Argentina.

Massimiliano Allegri wants Mascherano, which would be compatible even with the addition of another Barcelonista hypothetical as Keita.

But publicly, 'The jefecito' has been accepted with joy tactical discipline and competitive centre-back recycling as submitted to it by Pep Guardiola, so there is nothing to indicate who will be tempted by Milan or another club in Serie A.

Mascherano joined Barça in 2010 and his buyout clause is 90 million. For his versatility and commitment has become one of the most valued by the coaching staff and fans, who applaud the spirit that infects the computer. His transfer would be a surprise, but we must remain vigilant because there is a difference Barça with Guardiola without him. (via MD)