08 March 2012

Javier Faus: The singing voice of the Plan

The board meets in secret to talk about the future.

All members of the board of Barça meet Thursday and Friday to address the Strategic Plan of the club, that is, to begin to shape the most ambitious projects of the entity Barca, who designed the future and to be strengthened by 2016, the date when the first term of Sandro Rosell.

The main topic will be 'Espai Barça', equivalent to talk to rearrange and remodel the Camp Nou and the surrounding area and build a new Palau, probably where now is located the Mini.

The meeting will be a discussion forum which is not ruled out the involvement of managers who are in favor of a new Camp Nou, ahead of a remodeled.

The lead in this two-day meeting, which is based on trying to keep secret to avoid the media commotion, the Vice President Javier Faus will, it takes days gathering information. (via MD)