30 March 2012

The Italian press gives reason Barça in their complaints on the lawn of Meazza

Milan can rely on the referees, who gave how good the pitch, but the popular outcry against the state of the lawn is not a single complaint Guardiola and his players but the reporting of own Italian media they consider "shameful "the grass of the Meazza.

The prestigious daily general 'La Repubblica' states that "the field presents some difficult conditions, so that even Messi looked like a beginner. The sliding field, the ball hangs, gets up and plant grass on the fly and players get injured in San Siro. Gattuso's knee, Samuel, Jankovic, Inzaghi, Marilungo, Ambrosini, Pato ... Galliani confirms that the solution is to artificial turf. "

'La Gazzetta dello Sport' dedicates a wide array of the type of synthetic turf placed in June, after Springsteen and Madonna concerts, and reveals that so far this season have made ​​five changes from the grass. When the club has played in November, were newly placed sod of turf from an Italian nursery and grass instead of Wednesday came from France. Are spent each year 500,000 to 900,000 euros. "

While 'Corriere della Sera' speech on its front page "of an old problem that comes from the 90's. The lawn is in pretty bad shape. Xavi talks about 'potato field' would not have translation in Italian, a potato field might say, the fact is that Guardiola's complaint is clear. Now Milan and Inter have agreed to make joint grass. "

'Corriere dello Sport headline: "Chaos in San Siro" and notes that "Arsene Wegner and complained in his heat but Guardiola complaints have reached the owner Berlusconi pointed out that injuries always Pato arrived at San Siro" . (via MD)