08 March 2012

The international press lauds the "Fifth Symphony" of a Messi "another world"

The big sports media are full of praise to the crack of Barça after repóker of goals against Bayer Leverkusen.

The international press agreed on Thursday to highlight the concert and football scorer Leo Messi offered to Bayer Leverkusen with a score repóker that love to Camp Nou.

In Germany criticize his players at the same time extolling the maximum figure of Argentine crack, while the rest of Europe reports are focused on the proper role of 'The Flea'.

In France, the prestigious newspaper 'L'Equipe' can not be more graphic the headline "Messi, Messi, Messi, Messi, Messi! ', Repeating the name of the crack Barca to five times.

The British media, used to make puns in their headlines, not far behind in the praise and, as in the case of 'The Sun', the recital of Messi qualify as 'Hi5tory' emphasis on the five goals scored by Leo.

In Italy, the 'Corriere dello Sport' highlights' five goals of legend "Messi while 'La Gazzetta dello Sport', more focused on a controversial starring Ibrahimovic, also highlights the" show Barça "and the" hand of Messi ".

And if we in Europe have jumped alarms with the latest exhibition sport Messi, reactions across the Atlantic have not been left behind.

The Argentine daily 'Olé' Messi equates to an artist, when you open its cover 'Picasso' and a photo of the '10' Barça, which he considers "an artist of football." Praise also trigger the 'Great from Buenos Aires', who dares to touch a taboo subject among fellow Leo, the headline "More than Diego," referring to Maradona.

In Brazil there are more restrained by comparing the display of Messi with that of Neymar to Internacional of Porto Alegre, as does the "Folha de Sao Paulo '.

In other South American rain praise on Messi does not stop. In Honduras, the daily 'Diez' highlights 'Messi's Fifth Symphony', while 'El Gráfico' of El Salvador recalled the "goals of all flavors" of Leo and entitled "Manita divine." (via SPORT)