12 March 2012

Iniesta: "So far we come"

Andrés Iniesta invited to continue adding groups of three to have faith in the power cut differences with Madrid.

Despite the progress in the days and the difference with respect to Real Madrid remains 10 points, the Barça players returned yesterday to show their faces in Santander, where he tore a new victory, the sixth row.

For Dani Alves at yesterday's meeting there was only one ruler. "We had the ball and the ball have control of the party. We deserved to win," summarized the Brazilian full-back, more anchored back yesterday to defend three Guardiola put at stake.

Regarding the penalty whistled on Cesc, Alves said that "something had to whistle, has whistled and we scored three points. We have to continue like this," said only in reference to the leadership that holds the Madrid in La Liga with 10 points lead.

On the other hand, the Barça full-back did not hide that "old feelings are recovering," adding that "this is what will keep us alive here until end of season."

Regarding what was the secret to string six consecutive wins, Alves said, "We've done the same, but it was very difficult to maintain year-round in the same level. Every year something needs to be improved to better ourselves."

Meanwhile, Andrés Iniesta admitted that despite a new triumph in Madrid reality forces them to win every game to be qualified for la Liga. "The reality is that we have to add in threes, and so far we get," he said Fuentealbilla midfielder.

Regarding the penalty on Cesc, Iniesta said that "I do not know how was the play but has not had significance in the game." When assessing the streak of six consecutive wins, Iniesta said that "sometimes there are dynamic and this is good and we will try to be so until the end.

On the other hand, Iniesta would not enter into polemics about the intersection of words between Mourinho and Pep and supuestoparecido between the two that said Madrid coach. "Everyone is different. A Mou did not know, I know my coach," he said.

Fàbregas, the subject of penalty that meant Messi's second goal, admitted that "on the same play there was a clearer penalty Alves" and the superiority of the team commented that "it was our game, brutal." (via MD)