12 March 2012

Iniesta, distinguished by its fairness, promises to fight for la Liga and avoid any controversy

Attended by President Sandro Rosell to the act of l'Agrupació of Jugadors.

Andrés Iniesta has been recognized as a clean player by L'Agrupació of Jugadors in the Sala Paris. The event, led by Manel Vich, had the presence of Barça president, Sandro Rosell, who noted that Iniesta wins the prize values ​​"learned in the club and La Masia, but also in his family." "Visca Barça, Visca Catalunya and today, Visca l'Andres" he concluded.

Then, after receiving the award, Iniesta has taken the floor to thank l'Agrupació the distinction "with love". In Question Time, the midfielder has insisted on the idea that presides over the vetsuario: League fight to the end also to better reach the Champions and Cup final "Our devsventaja is considerable and our obligation is to win and expect trip leader. That will give us the necessary tension for the Champions and Copa. Quedamn nice things, "he stressed.

Iniesta has avoided controversial issues such as arbitration. "Think about other things descentraríamos us," said. On another hot issue, the comparison made Mourinho ​​with Guardiola - "we are equal," said madridista coach, Iniesta has been working in his answer. "I do not know Mou to judge and know how. Yes I know my coach a long time and I think it's a general feeling, it's a privilege to be with him. "

Indeed, when asked about the renopvación sawdust Guardiola, Rosell Iniesta has invited "to take the stand", causing general laughter. Iniesta has stressed again that "I hope that time comes we all desire, but a question of Mr. and club. We repeated a lot: we love it and want to continue long. " (via MD)