31 March 2012

Iker Muniain: 'The Botxo Messi'

Iker Muniain, the shining pearl of the Athletic, was tempted by Barça when he was only 13.

Iker Muniain Goñi (Pamplona, 1992), a player-cooked fast in the quarry of Lezama, is one of the great strengths of Athletic during his visit to Camp Nou, where Barça receives some lions that are being hoarse roar both in Europe. 'The Botxo Messi', which ended with a goal of the flag of his team great match against Schalke (2-4) of the eternal Raúl lives a brilliant career.

Muniain was the youngest player to debut with Athletic (he did 16 years, 7 months and 11 days, compared to Young Boys in Europe Legue) also broke the record for earliness in the history of Chelsea (scored his first goal in Valladolid before the age of 17) and has already debuted with the senior team. With 13 years could sign for Barca, but his dream was more important to succeed in the Athletic.

Footballer with the center of gravity low, hard to knock down, quick as lightning, elusive and enviable driving and kicking ball, soccer Muniain fit nicely at Barça of Guardiola. His style is inspired, relatively speaking, in the 'Ballon d'Or '. On Youtube you can watch videos with the best moves, dribbles and goals by Iker with the name "Iker Muniain New Messi '. For the young Athletic crack, "Messi is the number 1".

When playing in the Chantrea (Pamplona neighborhood in which he began to give the ball), Barça was set at Iker and came to contact with their parents. In the end, the boy chose the Athletic, the team of the family. But his beginnings in the Bilbao club were hard. It was not easy to leave home as soon and see their parents only on weekends. However, his cousins ​​Adrien and Julen Goñi, who were in the ranks of Athletic, helped to integrate into their new life. Cadete aged just 14 years, and Navarre made ​​the first team preseason with Joaquín Caparrós.

Muniain has an excellent relationship with azulgrana Thiago Alcántara, beside which won the European Under-21 last summer. Ronaldinho is the idol of Navarre, who never missed a game his own at the Barça. Iker highlights "the magic he had in the field and joy, transmitting, always with a smile on his face."

Muniain spread much joy in the locker room Athletic, where they have become accustomed to his jokes. His best friends in the template are Ander Herrera and Javi Martínez, but his protector has long been central Fernando Amorebieta, who gave him the nickname of 'Bart Simpson', a character that identifies Iker. "Good boy, but a little gamberrete" he laughs.

Athletic young talent has a great sense of humor. An admirer of former athletic Sergio Agüero put your pet, a beautiful Labrador, the name of 'Kun'. "I sit on the couch and brings the drinks," he boasts proudly of his helpful can.

His girlfriend is named Sandra Martín a professional model and cheerleader of Bizkaia Bilbao Basket, Muniain which is staunch supporter. Iker, early star and one of the most talented football match Messi.What a show! (via MD)