16 March 2012

Hugs, respect and silence in the notice of Abidal

Pep Guardiola was asked to communicate the news to his staff.

Pep Guardiola was asked to communicate the news about the health of their players Abidal. With French to him and before training began, the coach, firm in good times and bad times, called for all members of the locker room and explained that his partner will go through a delicate trance, as is undergoing the liver transplantation derived from tumor that was removed in the same body a little less than a year.

Although a part of the workforce, especially among the older, already knew the news, the general reaction of the booth can be summarized in three words: hugs, respect and silence. Abidal is true that, as happened the first time, tried to encourage the group after the announcement, but this time of relapse has left a more pronounced feeling of sadness, especially as it was felt that Abidal had left behind this hard episode in his life.

Guardiola's speech concluded and the most emotional moments for Abidal and his companions, the team came to train with French peloteando short dress outside.

The Rondos, usually exercises good humor and goodwill, were almost silent. It was not easy to train. But as the minutes passed the players were singing. For Abidal, will win in Seville. (via MD)