09 March 2012

Guardiola imminent renewal

In circles close to the technician and the club barcelonista is assumed that the firm will be announced next week.

A little over two months of the end of the season, Barça fans upset that the architect doing the best team in history, Pep Guardiola, has not renewed his contract, which expires on June 30.

During this season, azulgrana coach have assaulted the doubts about their future. However, in recent days something is moving around leaving the feeling that your renewal is coming soon.

People who knows him well says that soon signed until 2013, becoming in fact the great desire of the team, board and millions of barcelonistas. One of the last comment that Pep has been renewed Charly Rexach, a good friend of coach and his second, Tito Vilanova.

Also sources and applications close to the directive and the sporting club are optimistic about the continuity of Guardiola. In fact, some people is clear that the signing will take place the next week at the latest.

It has not gone well this season Pep and hence has not been clear from the beginning that he would sign their renewal. The wear of his speech to the group, the more difficult to motivate the team after winning 13 titles from 16 possible, the illness of his friend Tito, loneliness when he had to manage the troubled apparel everyday without a second, continuous Mourinho attacks and the media cave, the concern of his family by the pressures of the office ... A litany of reasons for at least consider their continuity.

But the positive reaction of the team after the defeat of Pamplona, ​​the loving messages received from each and every one of the members of the wardrobe-including heavy-weights, the good performance of Titus, the darling of the fans and the provision total directors and Andoni Zubizarreta to fulfill your requests, including that of taking more time to ponder his future, definitely seem to have opted for the band's 'yes'.

Doubts have been not just the technical. There have been players who, upon hearing by what Pep comments, have been at times more outside than inside. Like other technical comments implied that yes, continue, but no more than a year. This fruit of the doubt that this campaign has been debated coach.

In any case, there is little to close the circle of continuity or the output of Guardiola. Time has had to mature and reach the decision 'inputs' that the decision is imminent. Perhaps the five goals to Bayer Leverkusen Messi are the latest nudges. (via MD)