10 March 2012

Guardiola: "I never wanted to live up to Mourinho"

Pep Guardiola stepped out of all the advances experienced by the FC Barcelona about their grievances arbitration 'Villaratos' and other matters without biting his tongue.

The coach azulgrana answered all those who wish to detract from the success of this team and poked in very strong at all, as Mourinho, have questioned the behavior of Pep and the institution after being ten points clear of Real Madrid at League.

Guardiola admitted that he was "mentioned" in the words of Mourinho and said he knows that "everyone" has understood that he was addressing. That is why the Portuguese coach Pep said loud and clear:

"I know that Mourinho has said that in the end we seem more than it seems. Yes, we are alike in that both want to win, no question. Even if the other I have behaved like him, I'll have to check my behavior. we have always been honest so I have no sense that we seem to us both. I never get to your desired height. There are images and words during this time that are worth millions. There are thousands of press conferences to review. we both want to win but are different. but if you say that we like, I will look better. my only goal is not to embarrass my institution and players. Maybe in some press conferences look bad has ever done in my club but try to make people not be ashamed of me. "

In the same vein, Guardiola stepped out of the arbitral suspicions fall on azulgranas success especially after the controversial statements in which Godall wanted to feed the famous theory of 'Villarato'.

"Godall known as Rosell and Florentino we won because we competed with effort. It's very bad for football that merit not for Messi or Cristiano. We won because we played much better than others. Do you help? We had like all teams. If they are now 10 points ahead is because they have been better and we have failed. If I say that we will not win the league is because trace you to Madrid is very difficult, "he said.

And concluded: "If the relations of managers in the RFEF influence the results, the arbitration system has a serious problem. All clubs are required to be right with the RFEF and the club also. This game always belongs to the players. If we have gained so much is because we have great players. we have won 13 of 16 titles and in Europe we have also achieved success. All are worth in soccer players."

Pep himself assumed to be behind the Madrid "which it considers best" so far in league and made ​​it clear that "deserve to be in this situation," but by no means willing to accept that the titles have been achieved because of the good relations of the club with the RFEF.

"We have been admirable in and out. I understand that it is not easy for referees to much pressure. I think the president of the RFEF should step forward and position on it," he said.

Finally said "" We have four years listening to things on the referees. During the last year in Madrid coach a little more, but always has been. During this time we have always been suspicious of everything we do for reasons beyond our reach "

He also found time to refer the issue of COPE and pulling of irony, said, "would have been nice if it had not taken so long to recognize that they lied. I could have done two days later ..." (via SPORT)