15 March 2012

Guardiola decided to renew

Two months earlier was more outside than inside, but his feelings now are unbeatable.

Pep Guardiola renewed for another year and your ad will not be delayed excessively. In fact, many speculated for some time with dede yesterday as the Blaugrana coach chosen to announce its renewal. Rumors soared even further and ran like wildfire when it was confirmed the arrival of his representative, Josep Maria Orobitg at Camp Nou after finishing the morning session.

However, after some moments of high excitement, the adrenaline was stooping, especially when from the club reported that there was anything new planned for that day. Also, from the environment Guardiola explained that these meetings are more common than the gete think, although these same fiuentes cocretamente recognized that at that summit was talk about his future, among other topics. As the quote in your professional office just dragged on for ten minutes it is conceivable that all they had to decide and discuss his future was completely closed, so now just about finding the perfect day to announce to the four winds.

In any case, SPORT can ensure strongly that the answer will be yes Guardiola. Although not always been so. And is that approximately two months ago sports director Andoni Zubizarreta personally tried to sound technical Blaugrana on the renewal, being evasive with an answer as certainly left him worried. "I do not know anything yet of renewal. I need more time, "was the response of Pep, which cut sharply to a Zubi bewildered.

Why so dryly answered? Because at that time Guardiola was 'burneda'. He was physically and mentally exhausted and did not look strong enough to move this project forward another year. Remember that the serious illness of his friend and fellow sufferer, Tito Vilanova, had left him exhausted and made him rethink many things in his life and his career. At this time coincided with a slump of team play and there were some moments when he thought he would be able to instill motivation and encouragement to his students. His feelings were not good and the small details that have both in your daily routine had just not convinced. Also his family had something to say. Doubt see him suffer this way and that way was not the best way to raise their professional future.

But in just over two months, fortunately for the Blaugrana, these reasonable doubts have disappeared. Guardiola feels strong enough to move on, is amazed at the response in the field of his men, his reaction as competitive in playoffs, the commitment of their henchmen, the professionalism of his staff, the statements do not allow any doubt about the devotion they have shown him people in the dressing room as Leo Messi and Xavi Hernández, from the reaction of the stands who chant his name in every match at the Camp Nou and a long list of other arguments have been made to opt for the other.

What is clear is that now just about perfect on stage to announce the renewal. Guardiola and Rosell took the official photo that was held yesterday at the Camp Nou to talk lazy days. Know the contents thereof, but it became clear once again the good feeling between them.

The first can not let this situation go more is lingering Guardiola himself. Now comes the moment of truth in the season, where the most decisive win major titles and you can not divert too much attention to the merely sporting.
For this reason and respect for the club to have to work with confidence knowing that all the fringes have already closed over the next season and above all because Pep can no longer carrying on their shoulders the pressure at each press conference you ask about their future, it appears that the decision will be communicated shortly. If not this week would be the next takes over. (via SPORT)