03 March 2012

Guardiola: "Clemente's team have character"

FC Barcelona coach showcases the "aggressive, direct and character" of the joint Basque coached by former coach of the of the Santpedor in the Spanish national team.

On this Saturday at the Camp Nou is a game somewhat atypical. Without Messi, Busquets and Abidal, FC Barcelona will face Sporting Gijon one led by an old acquaintance of Josep Guardiola, Javier Clemente: "His teams are tough to beat teams. They are aggressive, direct and character." The azulgrana coach does not provide for a match low on fluid and with many interruptions. "In the selection we never said we were going to stop play. It's intense, aggressive, in the best sense of the word," said at a news conference.

It will be a matchup of styles. The possession and control of FC Barcelona against the Asturian straight bet. "I know what kind of football like Clemente. He prefers fewer transitions in the midfield and attack faster. If we, with the players we have, we could, we would also. I would like to create danger with two or three passes, but is impossible to keep up if we do this every three days. would end up with all the injured players, "he explained.

Apart from all that surrounds the opposite seal between Guardiola and Clemente, FC Barcelona should be imposed without the suspended Messi and Busquets, without the injured Abidal and Thiago doubt. "Thiago is today [for Friday] better than yesterday, but will decide before the match," he clarified. On the absence of Messi, little to say: "In the last 15 or 20 meters is the decisive player in the world. A player who plays there, instead, we will ask you what you do. It is well that occasionally we can play without him. "

Asked about the options in the league, Guardiola has been clear: "We are far behind the leader and the leader does not fail much. Climb 10 points is very difficult." He added: "If we are not first, not the fault of the officials, just missing."

Another topical issue is the venue for the final of Copa "Athletic Club wants to play the final on day 20. We too would like to play it on 20, but we can still reach the Champions League final. It will be the Federation that decide, "he explained. (via FCBarcelona.cat)