26 March 2012

[Former president] Laporta: "Guardiola will be the next president Barça and Xavi, the coach"

The former president of Barça reviewed his way through the club, praised the figure of Cruyff criticized the sponsorship of Qatar and discussed various issues of current azulgrana.

Joan Laporta, former president of FC Barcelona, ​​again gave the talk on Monday made ​​public an interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica, in which the former top leader of the club azulgrana gives its position on the future president and coach who can relieve Sandro Rosell and Pep Guardiola at Barça.

"Guardiola will be the next president and Xavi, the coach." So of course he was giving his opinion Laporta and venture on a relay that can make the club's future medium to long term.

About the midfielder, Laporta could not restrain their praise considering that the '6 'of Barça "is a phenomenon."

Laporta also had the opportunity to break down the keys that have allowed Barça enjoying the sweetest phase of its history, in what he called "four elements". Catalunya, Cruyff, the vineyards and UNICEF, were the keys highlighted by former azulgrana.

Laporta made ​​emphasis in the case of UNICEF, on which lamented that has yielded its space to Qatar Foundation. "It is unfortunate that not be the main sponsor. We paid to have UNICEF on the shirt and now instead of being in the chest is where you sit", lamented what he called "a big mistake."

Barcelona Laporta showed his pride in explaining the Italian newspaper what it means to be "more than a club," noting that the agency "has more than a century," "is owned by the partners" and making relevance that "Catalan and nationalism Barça "go together" is a way of thinking. "

In that sense, the former president did not hesitate to declare that the of Barça club model "could also be a political model." "What matters are the ideas, projects. Best of Barça is in the players," he said.

Laporta's praise were extended also to La Masia, which he described as "a jewel" destacanso that the generation of players who currently live in the first team "have grown together." "Guardiola is also one of them. The big secret is that all are good people," he added.

Nor former president azulgrana dodged the sensitive issue of adjustment problems Ibrahimovic in his time at Can Barça. "He did not in tune with the team," he said. (via SPORT)