25 March 2012

[Former player] Ibra bursts by Thiago Silva injury

The Swedish forward complained about the technical and medical methods of Milan.
"You have to change anything, it is normal that we are suffering so many injuries."
Allegri admits that forced Silva and sees "impossible" to play against Barça on Wednesday.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has reignited the flame of controversy within Milan a few days measured to Barça in quarter-finals of the Champions League.

After the match against Roma, the team 'Rossoneri' lost to Thiago Silva muscle injury after ten minutes of play, the Swede spoke loud and clear on the continuous setbacks suffered by his team: "We have to change something, is not normal that we are suffering so many injuries. This is the time to play and make a difference. "

Zlatan, who fears that Thiago Silva can not play against Barça is 'burned' because in recent weeks have been injured key men for Milan as Pato, Robinho, Boateng, Van Bommel and Seedorf, among others.

While Swedish complained bitterly coach Allegri admitted that Thiago's injury was in part his fault, "I have risked, and the thing has gone well." AC Milan coach even thought to be "impossible to play against Barcelona." Catalanes and Lombard facing east. (via MD)