27 March 2012

[Former player] Giuly: "I see the nerves and tension in Madrid"

"If Leo Messi is still well be the best player ever."

The former FC Barcelona Ludovic Giuly has reviewed the current azulgrana in the program 'Tercera Gradería' of ONA FM and recalled his goal against Milan in 2006.

The French player currently Monaco, said that whenever he can watch the azulgrana matches and that for him, Guardiola's team "is still the best in Europe."

In this regard and the 4 points on Real Madrid has lost in the last 3 games the Frenchman says he sees "nerves and tension in Madrid, feel the pressure" and that the silence of the club blanco is "to turn all that "

From his goal against Milan in 2006 encarriló a spot in the Champions League final which subsequently lead Barça Giuly ensures that remembers it very well.

"It was a very difficult game, 'high' with all my might. For us that year was historic reach the final of the Champions. I am happy and pleased to have played in that team is unbelievable," recalls French.

About Leo Messi, the player who ended up inheriting his post, Giuly believes that "it was best to leave as I did" because "when you get a guy like Messi is playing in your position, you know you will not play." But the French, without rancor, said "if Messi keeps up will be the best player ever"

The hard times experienced by his compatriot Eric Abidal, Giuly feels that "has a very strong character, play again, all support you" and it is clear that "optimism win the battle." (via MD)