02 March 2012

[Former player] Giovani dos Santos will pay to leave Tottenham

The exblaugrana not just on the team plays in the Premier League and has found a way to go: he pay the buyout clause.

Giovani dos Santos lived a nightmare since fichara for Tottenham Hotspur FC. The former FC Barcelona player has been given up to three times-Ipswich Town FC, Galatasaray and Racing Santander, and now just plays. A situation that is tired, and they could not leave despite receiving offers from different clubs in Europe, below the high quantity demanded by the 'spurs'.

His lawyer, Vicente Montes, said on this for 'Milenio': "Tottenham came to ask for 10 million pounds. We are talking about 12 million euros. It is totally disproportionate. A player who does not participate in that do not have, which cost 5 million three years ago and a half, a player who has been paid when it has been assigned, that about half the salary of the seasons not been paid for Tottenham, but the teams where he has gone, so which is a tremendous imbalance. Tottenham is a contradiction that has no players and gives them a disproportionate value. "

Now, says the American media, the Mexican playmaker has found the solution to dissociate itself from the English side: he shall pay three million euros of its clause, since up to 30 June 2013 under contract with the team directed by Harry Redknapp.

"The claim we do because there is a legal basis is established by the rules of FIFA, which says it can not be done during the protected period, which are the first three-year contract. As I spent those three years, the player can exercise that right. There is no set rule for the amount of compensation, because it has to do with wages that fit, taking into account the cost of acquisition, depreciation and what has made ​​the club for that player are a number of variables, "said the lawyer. (via SPORT)