29 March 2012

[Former player] Edmilson: "80% of what is now Barça owes it to Ronaldinho"

Edmilson, former player of FC Barcelona, ​​is full of praise for Leo Messi and Ronaldinho.

During the meeting with Band, Edmilson begins by explaining his memories of Leo Messi. "I played with him when he was climbing the first team. In training people and saw that it was a different player, for its quality, boot speed, ball control ... That was in 2004. Over time , was over and began to summon. he played his first game and soon scored his first goal since. But one of the things I always admired about him is he still the same person. the other big difference is that he is surrounded by controversy, is always very discreet. And that is very significant in the professional world. "The Brazilian added that "people know that Leo would be a great player, even at that time, when Ronaldinho was in a breathtaking moment. Ronaldinho and Leo was started to have the leadership that had Ronnie. Since 2007 Messi has continued a line of play, goals, titles that are unusual.

The former Barcelona player was asked if Barça best of his era or the current. "These are different times. That Barca in my time and was the basis of the present, with Xavi, Iniesta, Valdés, Puyol .. There was even a time when Eto'o playing. The technical difference is that our team was more direct. Ronaldinho grabbed the ball and start. Today Barça has that torn with Messi, but also has possession of the ball, everyone believes that is the distinguishing feature of this Barça. "

On the pressure he felt the team while playing in the Champions League or, Edmilson explains that "in my time there was much pressure because Barça had won only one Champions in 92. And won again in 2006. From 1999 to 2004 Barça won no league. When I had that pressure for the title because it was eight years since winning la Liga and many more that did not win the Champions League. We had to win or the League or the Champions League. Today I believe that the objective is equal or move to Madrid in the Champions League. has four titles Barca and Real Madrid, nine. the difference is great, but now Barça can prioritize the Champions ".

As there, the former Barça player, refers to much praise Ronaldinho. "It was an outstanding player at Barça. Not know what happened. Came at a critical moment, he won it all, changed the history of Barça. All that is today he owes Barcelona by 80% to it. In decided to leave time for other experiences in other club in Milan. And unfortunately unable to sustain the level that had been in Barcelona. " (via SPORT)