02 March 2012

[Former player] Controversy in England by an ad deemed 'racist' by Reina

One of the spots recorded by Pepe Reina for an insurance company has caused unrest in British anti-racism associations.

Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina has been involved, unwittingly, in a controversy in England. According to The Guardian, one of the recorded announcements for the insurance company Groupama has caused outrage in a British anti-racism called Operation Black Vote- Operation Black Vote-, to the point that this company has decided to withdraw the spot.

In the ad, saw Reina coming to an African tribe, where he maintained a curious dialogue with the king of it. So, Simon Woolley, OBV director, launched an open question the doorman: "He has worked and lived in Liverpool for nearly a decade. Do you think that is correct to characterize black people that way? Do you think their black at Liverpool will laugh with this joke, more typical of the 50's? ".

He added: "How would he feel if the British and the Spanish estereotipáramos underdeveloped homsexuales stupid?".

The allegations have stunned everyone involved in this story. Groupama Even the company itself issued a statement which does not consider the announcement "contains no abusive or discriminatory content", while recalling that these spots are no longer broadcast in any Spanish television since the season ended Wednesday.

From England also suggests that Liverpool is detached from the subject but could 'suggest' the porter public apology following the controversy originated. (via SPORT)