02 March 2012

[former coach] Van Gaal breaks his silence and charge hard against Johan Cruyff

"Is she Cruyff? Very well, then with his bread let him eat."
"I also contributed to the Ajax model, as well as Johan has done."

Louis van Gaal has given up maintaining silence about the power struggle within the Ajax Amsterdam, he had with his sworn enemy Johan Cruyff, and slammed the former number 14 football Oranje. "So far Ajax is going to be under the command of Cruyff and his clique?, You mean it is they who have won? Well, with his bread let him eat!" Said Van Gaal in an annoying interview with the Dutch football magazine 'ELF Voetbal'.

The trade publication published on its website excerpts from the interview in his paper version. In early February, the Dutch justice ruled in favor of Cruyff court, after the former star of Dutch football submit a complaint to stop the initiative of one of the governing bodies of Ajax (the "council of wise men") Van Gaal to incoporara as general manager of the club in July.

Van Gaal and Cruyff have zero personal chemistry. In fact the first words of the former number 14 when he learned of the possible arrival of Van Gaal were: "Have you all gone mad (at Ajax) want to blow up the club?". So far, Van Gaal had remained silent, a silence broken now. "They're saying out there that Ajax is now going to follow the 'Cruyff line.' That's ridiculous! At Ajax there is no 'line Gruff' or 'Van Gaal line." There is only a vision of making football it has taken the club over the past 25 years, "said the former coach, among others, Bayern Munich and Barcelona.

At the same time, Van Gaal laments that he has not been sufficiently recognized their work in the past at Ajax and in his opinion, all the credit goes to Cruyff, who has just joined as advisor to the Mexican club Chivas, Guadalajara. "I have also contributed to a vision of Ajax, as it has both Cruyff! I even worked much longer than he at Ajax. I was there nine years as coach ... something that Cruyff never did. They filled the mouth now talking about developing 'individual talents' at Ajax and 'Cruyff model' ... but that's because I have spoken in a report to the Ajax in 2004, "he lamented. (via MD)