19 March 2012

[former coach] Van Gaal: "Barça are favorites to win the Champions"

The exentrenador of Barça Louis Van Gaal said Saturday he sees the Barça as favorite to win the Champions League this season.

"Barça is for my favorite team to win the Champions League is a very powerful, and under normal win," said the Dutchman in a statement to the newspaper Luso 'A Bola'.

We do not know very well what the Dutch coach was referring to that "normal conditions", but the fact is that Van Gaal did not abandon its special irony when talking about the Real Madrid coach José Mourinho. "He says it's special," joked the Dutch. "I hope I can find a tactic to win at Barça. If the game is to win Barça, although we can not forget that Mourinho has won once, in the final of the Copa del Rey, "he added.

Where you see Van Gaal is more difficult in the league, which recognized that "Madrid is better because it has been more regular and has 10 points ahead." (via SPORT)