25 March 2012

[Former B player] Arteta reveals that while in La Masia escaped to party

"I do not want to, but there were some guys who insisted me or caused me saying 'do not have eggs," says the former azulgrana.
The Barcelona caught him "and was very, very hard on me. That day I realized that to succeed in football you should concentrate on your game."

The former azulgrana Mikel Arteta, who also underwent PSG, Real Sociedad, Rangers and Everton before joining Arsenal last summer to fill the vacancy left by Cesc Fàbregas has confessed to 'The Sun' that during his stay at La Masia (1999-2001) escaped "a couple of times" to party and FC Barcelona "was very, very hard on me" when he was caught.

"That day I realized that if I wanted to succeed in football should concentrate fully on my game and not go to those kids who had led me to join their nights out."

Again according to Arteta, who was 16 back then, "I really do not want to leave, but they insisted me or caused me saying 'do not have eggs.' I shared a room with Pepe ReinaVíctor Valdés, Carles Puyol and Andrés Iniesta that was the quality he had. just had to look to find Iniesta and at that time would come to the first team. But there were other young people who are not so focused and whose character was different, with less dedication to missing one or another training session and you let go 'come on, let's jump the fence and let's go for' partying '. it's easy to lose your head when he is' almost there' as a player. "

Arteta, who turns 30 next Monday, also noted in the British tabloid that after being 'caught' by the club blaugrana never violated the rules of procedure and recommends candidates to crack that "do not listen to people who flatters you and trying to lead you astray. at these times you have to sculpt the character and learn to avoid any temptations. have to listen to people telling you 'hold', 'beware' or clearly says' today you've been evil ', not that you want to carry gear. Now I know how important they were my parents for me. My mother even quit her job to come and live in Barcelona (from Euskadi, where he is from Mikel) and lean ".

Coincidence or not, during the winter of 2000-01 season Arteta was loaned to PSG for Barça and did not return to azulgrana dressing. (via SPORT)