02 March 2012

Filipe Luis: "The defeat against Barça but it does hurt to learn"

Filipe Luis has recognized that the defeat against Barcelona last weekend, "it hurt a lot" but "is to learn."

"The team emerges stronger from this game thinking it's a valiant and united together in that line and definitely reach the goal. It is a lot but there is no time for more mistakes," he said in an interview with the club's website.

"We stood up the best team in the world, we had our chances, we had the game in our hands. We did not know and take advantage of our mistake at the end points we have left," he added.

Filipe Luis cree yet to be forgotten because of the clash and focus on the following, which will play this weekend against Sevilla in the Andalusian capital with notable absentees.

"It will be a tough game in their stadium but we with our guns and our choices, despite the decline in Godín and Falcao which are very important, we can take this party forward. Believe in that and is central to the goal "he said.

"They smell the desire we have to start now to win the top, to add those points that are not only three points but at the same time take away three points to them. It is time to take a blow on the table and say that we come back long ago and starting to get that streak going good for hooked up "he said.

Asked about Simeone, does not hide that his move has been instrumental in changing the mindset of staff and that "it shows the growth of many players" since.

"The coach is a person who has been here long, who was champion here. Besides all very smart and knows everything we need to avoid falling into what we fell in the past. Getting cuddly with a game, think that a game is won ... know very well all these issues, it remains for us to relax for a second. "

"Each one as it enters the skin is left field. It is also a great coach tactically, both offensively and defensively. We are delighted to have him and hopefully I can stay here a long time," he added.

Also claims to have known how to free them from the pressure to achieve the goal of entering Champions: "We did very well forget about the goal. When the coach arrived was ten points. Started studying game as well with the opposition."

"We know we can come close but two weeks and lose games and back away. We have to think about winning, and no doubt we'll be in the top four," he said.

Finally he referred to his season on a personal level: "I am very happy with the season I'm doing. I'm taking minutes but I want to personally go with the collective. If the team achieves the goal will have been a great season on a personal level , otherwise it will not be much, "he said. (via SPORT)