04 March 2012

Fernando Alonso, Real Madrid and oviedista to watch a Barça-Sporting

Fernando Alonso was one of the guests by FC Barcelona in the Camp Nou stage in the game against Sporting.

Fernando Alonso is these days at the Circuit de Catalunya in training before the start of the Formula One season and taking advantage of their presence, the club invited him to the box at the Camp Nou to watch the game against Sporting Gijón.

And it is still curious presence in this game because if it is Spaniard, but of Oviedo. And if you like football but it's Madrid. Alonso arrived at Camp Nou in an Alfa Romeo. He wore a sweatshirt, white of course, and jeans. With that dress, no one can enter the box, but acknowledged that Barcelona made ​​an exception for the Formula One driver and let him be there.

Before you start the game, Alonso spoke to the cameras of Canal Plus. Although Ferrari had nullified the Asturian press appearances and Massa scheduled this weekend, Alonso did speak at the Camp Nou, at least to our knowledge, for the same Canal Plus and Barça TV. On the renewal of Guardiola, said Pep and Barça "are made ​​for each other." He added: "I love football and I have the opportunity to come and see. I was born in Oviedo, Oviedo and I'm from a little more than Madrid, but that does not mean that the spectacle of football is great," he said .. And most of the game, saying only that "it is pure entertainment and also with the Barcelona playing so well."

In the few images of his that were televised, it was pretty quiet. For many minutes, his happiness was complete. Best for Real Madrid and oviedista not win or Barca and Sporting. But in the end, won the Barcelona. And Fernando, from the front row of the box, finished applauding when the Camp Nou was already emptying. (via SPORT)