06 March 2012

Falcon Travel is still with Barça until 2013

On 4 March last year was made official the agreement between FC Barcelona and Globalia group company.

Falcon Travel will continue to be the official agency of FC Barcelona, ​​at least until June 30, 2013. Now is met exactly one year since the club azulgrana's board of directors, at a press conference, officially announced the change of agency, relieving RACC Viatges, owner of the exclusive for over ten seasons.

Neither the company of the conglomerate Globalia, owned by Juan José Hidalgo, not even the FC Barcelona have given official status and will probably not press the matter, because it is continuing a relationship that neither party has alleged. In fact, according to a club, the first contract between Halcon Viajes and FC Barcelona has been signed recently.

The relationship between Falcon and Barca have gone from less to more and ended up consolidating, gaining fluency and communication. During this season, this business area will have reached a turnover to be around 5.5 million euros. FC Barcelona, ​​with previous years, has saved more than 800,000 euros, for Falcon Travel does not charge commission of 7.5% that reverberated the previous agency.

Another great advantage for members is that Barça travel with the first team in Spanish territory at a cost of 130 euros over the entrance. Another song, and where both parties have to continue improving the business area are the displacements in the Champions League.

Also to solve the creation of the famous travel agency that is not physically within the Camp Nou. It was one of the electoral promises of the current board in the social program. In point number seven said: "A proposal that comes from the applications received by many members. We have own a travel agency to improve the management and travel arrangements. "The explanation, say the club is no space in the Stadium for its location. (via SPORT)