14 March 2012

[Ex-player] Romario Sees Maradona, him and Pelé ahead of Messi

Romario always liked going against Messi and has not been an exception. While most consider him the No. 1, former political forward and now has said that no considers Messi as the best ever because he was better. "Messi must first be better than Maradona and then better than me because I'm better than Maradona. After Pelé and he would win the World Cup," said El Confidential.

After attacking Messi, Romario has recognized, however, that "I like playing Barcelona." In fact a few days ago and warned that he would like his son had just played there. "Pep talk" he says.

Romario's private life has always been a matter of debate and controversy. Although now a deputy in Brazil, Romario no secret that the weekend is still time to enjoy life. "My life is Tuesday through Thursday in Brasilia to return on Friday to Rio de Janeiro. Saturday and Sunday are free. I forget my capacity as deputy. I go, but as before not drink or smoke. Also play futvoley on the beach and I'm with women. " (via MD)