17 March 2012

[Ex-player] Reiziger: "Milan is vulnerable and Barça is strong in the Champions"

The Dutch ex-fulkback Barça considered as the "favorite" to overcome the tie against Milan, said some possible clues to the crossing and gave his opinion on the future of Guardiola.

The FC Barcelona ex-fulkback Michael Reiziger considered exequipo Friday as his "favorite" to defeat AC Milan in the quarterfinals of the Champions League after the draw made on Friday.

Reiziger, who also played for Milan before landing a season at Barça, told the program 'More Esports' of COMRàdio that "Barça are favorites, is much better than Milan. I have no doubt."

The ex-fulkback Dutch, who defended the club's colors over seven seasons (1997-2004), said: "Milan is vulnerable," while emphasizing that Barça "is well in the Champions" and recognized "enjoy a lot with Barça's game. "

Reiziger also considered that the Italians may have a key to the absence leg. "Milan will miss Van Bommel in the first leg," also commented on the exazulgrana, suspended for this meeting.

Given the possibility of a Madrid-Barça end, the Dutch ex-fulkback warned that "the Bayern Munich to Madrid can remove if you are facing in the semis."

Reiziger also wanted to join the massive support of FC Barcelona and the world of sport to Eric Abidal. "I want to wish good luck to Abidal," he said.

On the other hand, also addressed the recurring theme of the renewal of Pep Guardiola, his former teammate in his stage play. "He has a secret we all want to know. I hope it continues," he said, while recalling that "it is amazing how Guardiola has changed to Barça."

In this regard, Reiziger asked an effort to Barça for retaining Pep. "The club has to give everything and pull hard for Guardiola to stay," he said, in addition to warning that "if you will, it is very difficult to choose coach and will also be difficult to come". "Replace Guardiola is almost impossible," he said. (via SPORT)