22 March 2012

[Ex-player] Figo will finance accounts

A Supreme Court ruling requires you to pay 2.4 million in taxes for 1997, 1998 and 1999.
According to the order, are amounts derived from the collection of amounts due to their image rights.

Luis Figo will have to pay 2.4 million to the Treasury after the Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal by ex player, among others, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter. This amount corresponds to the income tax for the years 1997, 1998 and 1999, for the sums received by way of image rights while he was at FC Barcelona.

The judgment of the second section of the room administrative disputes responds to appeals brought by Figo against another sentence it handed down by the fourth section of the room contentious administrtivo of the High Court in June 2008.

The hearing, at the time, upheld the claim of the Central Economic-Administrative Tribunal for the settlement of exercises of 1997 (662.300 '17 euros), 1998 (960,057 '69 euros) and 1999 (834,260'10 euros). Figo must pay these amounts and also court costs, set at 6,000 euros. Considers that the current statement is not proven that Figo would give up those years his image by FC Barcelona and part of what he perceived as image rights should be taxed as income from work.