10 March 2012

[Ex-player] Dutruel: "Barça will win the Champions"

The ex goalleeper of Barça considered Guardiola's team revalidate the Champions League and praised the career of Victor Valdés.

Arrived in Barcelona from Celta Vigo and kept goal for Barça probably with less luck than he deserved. Now Richard Dutruel is closely monitoring the current at FC Barcelona and has said in statements to the "More Esports" Com Radio.

There have been many issues addressed by former goalkeeper. For starters, the team's chances in both the Champions League as. "Champion of the Champions League is Barcelona. And considering the delay you have now is quite complicated to win the league, but I can say is that the game developed by Barça today is the best in Spain," says Dutruel.

What happens when I leave Pep Guardiola? "I see who can catch the team but Luis Enrique, who trains the Rome knows the Blaugrana and can also house one day or another to coach the club."

From there, Dutruel discusses some team names, starting with his two "colleagues" Valdes and Pinto. "If Victor was as bad as sometimes claimed not to continue playing at Barça. I also have seen him make things interesting. I think there is good team without a good goalkeeper. If it takes many years at the club is the quality that have. Valdés is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. "And with respect to Pinto," of course it gives you confidence. That means the coach has confidence in you and think you can also win titles. And this for one is always important. "

On Thiago Alcántara, think that a great future "but well, to be a leader in Barça has to spend a few years but I think it has the technical skills, tactics and I think it's a guy with personality. One day or another may be one of the leaders of Barça. "

On the possibilities of Xavi of becoming Barca coach believes that "perhaps, but Xavi is player and the truth is that it does well and I think he has years ahead." (via SPORT)