28 March 2012

[Ex-player] Demetrio Albertini: "Barça are favorites against Milan and win the Champions"

Demetrio Albertini, ex player of Barcelona and Milan, discussed the tie between the two teams told the program ComEsports Com Ràdio.

Demetrio Albertini has recognized the importance of the tie between Italian and Catalans, but with nuances. "Every team has the ambition to reach the final, AC Milan- Barcelona is an early end but the same can be said Madrid or Chelsea," he explained.

Well-versed in Milan, the ex Barcelona player explains, "is the first of la Liga, have confidence, enthusiasm has to face the best team in the world that is Barça". But a low can be very important to the Italians, Thiago Silva, because Albertini admits "is a low key for Milan."

About Barça Demetrio has no doubt that "the best team in the world but things are decided in the field. Milan can eliminate Barça, the tie will be decided in the field", in his opinion.

Returning to Milan, Albertini speaks of the great figure of the team, Zlatan Ibrahimoivc. "It is now one of the strongest players alongside Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in the world. Ibrahimovic did not win at Barca for its quality but not why Barça game has a different playing style to yours. I think Ibrahimovic will with difficulty Puyol and Piqué. Milan have options to delete the favorite to win the Champions ".

About Barça, Albertini has very clear ideas. "Everybody says, in Barça the first is Pep, following is Leo. Guardiola's style could be adapted to calcium, but need a team to bet on him." And on the future of Catalan coach believes that "a great coach like Guardiola is proving you can decide where to go. I think that Barça is very good."

One of the great Italian friends who keeps his way through Barça is Puyol. In his opinion, the Barcelona captain "can follow a few years at the highest level. Puyi is proving a big crack. I think Thiago Silva has all the quality to play at the club. But I think that Milan will not let go easily ".

Returning to the tie, Albertini believes that "Barça are favorites against Milan and win the Champions League, has everything to lift the Cup again." And in the face of the league, "Barça is pending Real Madrid and that may influence the Champions League qualifiers playing Barça and Milan. Maybe the league could lose Madrid."

Finally, the ex Barça and Milan player think about José Mourinho. "A Mourinho already know it is a great coach but not the style I like. Each one has its own style. I am very different from Mourinho but I say it's a great coach." (via SPORT)